Swallowtail Vodka 750ml  - Swallowtail

A Non-GMO, corn-based spirit distilled 6 times. Our vodka stands out from the competition for its slight sweet taste and smooth texture. Its smoothness is achieved by an extensive filtering process using special carbon fiber filters. These filters remove unwanted particulates commonly known as fusel oils and congeners. They give cheap vodka unwanted flavors, odors and harshness. They are also responsible for most hangovers. By removing these impurities, we found the Vodka to be more pleasing to one’s palate making it enjoyable to drink straight up or added to mixers. Our premium Vodka has been compared to many of the top, premium brands, but is priced much more reasonably, making it a considerable value for its price. The Vodka recently received a Double Gold Medal from Seattle International Spirit Awards and tied with Grey Goose

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