Roberson's Tennessee Mellomoon BUTTERSCOTCH Moonshine Appalachia 750ml  - Roberson's Distillery

About Roberson's Tennessee Mellomoon:

When we started this business, we had 2 goals. 

The first one was to make the best moonshine possible. Public opinion of all who have tried our products has went along way to confirm that goal. Also the fact that in 2013 we sent our caramel Mellomoon to the World Beverage Competition and won Platinum "Best Of Show" in the unclassified spirits category. The only moonshine before and still to win this award and that was 4 years ago. 

The second goal was to get our moonshine into as many legal age hands as possible. Being a small company with not a big advertising budget, we have managed to get distribution into 8 states. We have done this on word of mouth alone. Once people taste our moonsine either clear or flavored, they seem to come back for more. While our second goal will never be truly complete we continually strive to make it happen. 

We have 12 varieties of moonshine. 2 clear moonshines the 100 proof and the 150 proof (which is the strongest legal moonshine you can buy on the market) and the best tatsting. "The proof is in the bottle" if you dont believe me try it for yourself. 10 more flavors round out the brand: Apple Pie, Banana, Butterscotch, Caramel, Coconut, Ghost in the Holler, Grape, Honey Ginseng, Peach and Strawberry.  

The biggest single fact about our shine is that the recipe is ours and we make it from scratch. We dont buy other peoples alcohol and repackage it as our own. Like alot of other shines out there we are not Neutral Grain Spirits, Neutral Spirits or any other version of industrial alcohol. Roberson's Tennessee Mellomoon is truly a craft spirit made with sugar and corn. Its made right in the Heart of Appalatchia in the small town of Piney Flats. 

Anyone can make alcohol and most can sell it once. To build a brand however, you have to have repeat customers who like what you are offering. After almost 6 full years, we feel that we are just getting started on brand building road. We hope that you will give us a try and let the product speak for itself.

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