John Emerald Alabama Single Malt Whiskey 750ml  - John Emerald Distilling Company

When starting John Emerald Distilling, John and Jimmy were thinking a lot about family. The news that Jimmy's daughter was on the way was the catalyst to shut down a previous business that kept Jimmy on the road for extended periods. Not wanting to miss Lily growing up, John Emerald Distilling was founded. Since the future of their family was the reason for starting John Emerald, Jimmy and John looked to the past to name the distillery. Therefore, the distillery and all of their products are named after ancestors. Being American brewers with a Scottish ancestry, an American Single Malt Whiskey seemed appropriate. So after completing several distilling courses here in the US, Jimmy traveled to Scotland and trained at Springbank Distillery in Campbelltown, Scotland. With knowlege aquired from Scottish whiskey making, John and Jimmy combined that knowledge with contemporary American Whiskey making techniques and John's Alabama Single Malt was born. In addition to being a great American Single Malt Whiskey, John's Alabama Single Malt was the first legal whiskey distilled and bottled in Alabama since Prohibition.  - Distillery

Awards: 2016 Beverage Category Winner, Southern Living Food Awards - 2015 Bronze Medal, New York International Spirits Awards

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