Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey 750ml  - Garrison Bros

American Micro Whiskey of the Year 2014 - Jim Murray, Whisky Bible
Garrison Brothers Bourbon Whiskey is made from premium organic winter wheat that they grow in their own ranch and two-row barley sourced from Pacific Northwest and Canada. They grind the grain daily and then cook the sweet mash one batch at a time. The final distillate is married with Hill Country rainwater that they harvest at the distillery and filter using ozonization and ultraviolet light. The spirit is then aged in custom-designed charred white American oak barrels.

Garrison Brothers Bourbon is a bold, powerful whiskey with inviting nose of caramel, butterscotch, nutmeg and coconut leading to a velvety mouthfeel and complex palate of vanilla, brown sugar, dark chocolate and sweet spice. Subtle notes of caramelized sugar and nutmeg lingers on the long, buttery finish. 47% ABV

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