Arbor Winter Gin 750ml  - Ann Arbor Distilling Co.

The Arbor Winter Gin has won multiple medals including awards from the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) and San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Ann Arbor Distilling Co. uses 20 different herbs and botanicals to produce the Arbor Winter Gin. It also contains and distillate of spruce and fir trees. 

This is done by steeping wild harvested Douglass Fir and Norwegian Spruce branches in a potent high proof spirit. After 2 weeks, the resulting liquid is a brilliant, emerald green. This is then distilled to leave behind bitter oils and tannins and capture the sweet and fragrant scent of Spruce and Fir. This distillate is blended with the base gin to create a crisp, happy reminder of fresh snow and holiday cheer.

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