Arbor Wheat Vodka 750ml  - Ann Arbor Distilling Co.

Ann Arbor Distilling Co.’s Arbor Wheat Vodka represents the pinnacle of grain-to-glass spirits production. Michigan wheat is sourced fro Dexter Mill in Dexter Michigan, right next door to Ann Arbor. 

The entire distillation circuit takes place right on-site: no step is outsourced or augmented with other products. Ann Arbor Distilling’s 24-plate column still allows all production to take place right on site. This allows the lead distiller to make the cuts to heads, hearts and tails exactly where - and when - they need to be done, to render the perfect results. 

The Arbor Wheat Vodka carries a sweet, simple taste that is far more subtle than vodka’s produced on a commercial scale. But it still holds a hint of the heat: a reminder that spirits can also be over-refined taking out taste entirely.

This vodka achieves the peak of artisanal distilling. No dilution or cutting with other spirits here: just #PureMichigan grain in a glass.

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